• : So you have to change their diapers and such...
  • : I was going to say change their litter box.
  • Me: What should I be for halloween? Pocahantas or Batman?
  • Friend: BOTH. Be Batahantas! The distressed love child of Batman and Pocahantas. They loved each other dearly but know very well they will never be together...due to the fact that Pocahantas is dead and Batman is delusional.

We all have different sides to us.

- The one your best friend(s) see

- The one school or work sees

- The one you try to figure out

- The one you wish you could be more

- The one you wish you could be less

Add to the list. 

Definitely an interesting read.

Definitely an interesting read.

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Most of my friendships :D

Most of my friendships :D

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“All anyone needs are a few best friends, coffee, and anywhere to walk to. Or that’s just me.”
“It’s pretty easy to avoid talking to someone/friend/whoever, just the awaiting guilt trip when they see you is the problem.”


 this. this is why it frustrates me so intensely when people are all, ‘dean is such a bastard, he doesn’t even care that cas is dead!!11!eleventy!’ just because dean isn’t composing sonnets or sobbing on sam’s shoulder doesn’t mean that he isn’t grieving. it’s all there in the subtext. it’s there in his excessive drinking (which was a thing before bobby died, btw. before amy, too). it’s there in the way he folds that trenchcoat so carefully and takes it with him, like it’s an item of incalculable value and not just a ratty, bloodstained old coat that probably belongs in the trash. it’s there in the way he professes not to care while stoned, in the way sam and bobby tread on eggshells around him, in the look on his face every time somebody even mentions castiel’s name. he doesn’t just care that cas is dead, he’s gutted by it. and if people can’t see that i have to seriously question whether i’m even watching the same show.

Thank you for this. 

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“Maybe the hardest part of caring about someone is the struggle for them to accept you as you are, you hide your hundred percent for only so long…and then finally, your ‘weird’ shows through. The relief at how cool they are with it…it’s indescribable.”
“Communication is a two-way street. Try following it.”
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