And this just happened. Seemed appropriate.

And this just happened. Seemed appropriate.


My mother just started ranting about Pokemon in the kitchen and how Pikachu never learned to talk:

"Hey pika, you want some food?" 


"Hey pika, what do you think?"


I mean how does that freaking kid even understand him.”


it’s kinda sad that when i saw a moth in my room last night i freaked out and tried to spray it with fragrance mist to kill it. at one point it went inside the lamp cover and i proceeded to drown it in mango mandarin. thank you bath and body works.


i understand you like your body and everything but stop posting a new bikini picture of yourself daily…and making it your profile picture. it is all over my feed.


No one can actually enjoy working out. This shit sucks, especially in the heat. All the gross sweat. Proud of myself though, did 3/4 of a mile along with some pushups/squats/crunches and a separate 15 min ab workout. I don’t know what inspired me to do this after an 8 hour shift.


That moment where you hit the send button on your phone too quickly and want to throw your phone hoping the message will magically poof.


I’m really happy with my lunch right now: fried egg seasoned with salt, black pepper, onion/garlic powder, and Italian season; fried pastrami, cheddar cheese, fresh romaine, and tomato basil hummus on an onion bagel. Yummy.


If you’re starting to look for Halloween costumes or just plain curious (like I am) has an epic sale on costumes, many are only 8 dollars. I just got 2 (both 8 each) and it’s only 6 for the standard shipping. Not bad at all. I’ll be all set for Halloween for a while.


My phone is on the end table next to me. I have not touched it for the last few minutes. It restarts…by itself. Maybe it’s time for a new phone.


That random moment where you’ve felt fairly good about yourself most of the day and then you’re in the kitchen wondering what to eat for dinner and you feel like an absolute potato, the grandest potato in the land.


I should probably study for chemistry but polymerization and anomer/beta shit can project themselves however the fuck they want.


When you don’t want to be awake, coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


I want to know how to draw really well but I don’t want to murder tons of paper in the process. 


I was walking to my chemistry class earlier and on the way there a random guy approaches me. He asks me for the time and once I answer him, he then asks if I have ever been to Olive Garden. I told him “not for a while.” One of the strangest things I have ever dealt with. 


It’s ridiculous the amount of things that I want to talk about that I can’t get out of my brain and into words.

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