Elijah will not…can’t die…just NO. 

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Oh these two… great scene, feel kinda bad for Klaus. 

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“I think that Elijah already has enormous feelings for Elena.”

“She’s the reason he’s — she’s everything Katerina was, and then some more. I think she’s a miracle to him. I think everybody else is behaving in a way he understands and can predict, but she’s just this flower in the desert.”

“It’s just so natural. If you saw somebody who was just under threat all the time and was making these really brave decisions, and was doing things that [you] wouldn’t possibly have the courage be able to do, the bravery of her — I think he’s seduced by her, in spite of himself. Nobody’s got better restraint than Elijah, but I think that she’s just completely enchanting.”

“He seems like someone who would disappear once his purpose was complete, like someone who would, like an assassin, fulfill his task and then depart, but the spin in the works here, is this little thing called Elena. She’s got more of a grasp on him that he understands. Or let me rephrase that, I think he knows precisely the kind of grasp she has on him. I’m sensing something unselfish surfacing in him, like a devotional kind of love.”

“It’s not just about being drawn to her, it’s about the need to protect her. That’s why I used the word devotional. A lot of people will read this and think that’s just Elijah’s desire to be with her. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. In truth, it’s going to be whatever Julie Plec writes, but I think he’d be somebody who wants to watch over her.”

“I think that there is already a romance.”

“Those two have an interesting connection. Elena & Elijah are both really, really coming to terms with their humanity – one after thousands of years is still wrestling with it because he has this deep sense of compassion in spite of his murderous qualities. I think there’s something deeply naive about her, but extraordinarily worldly for her years. That’s one of the reasons I think they’re drawn to each other.”

“There’s no question that he’s enchanted by Elena but it’s not as simplistic as needing to be with this girl — I just think he’s more fascinated by her as a study in the potential of what a person can be. I think that if he does survive and leaves Mystic Falls, I don’t think he can stay away because she’s too much of a miracle for him. There’s something in her that’s also in him – I don’t mean to be grotesque about it and frame this in a romantic context, but there’s a spiritual quality they share and that’s going to be very difficult for him to not return to.

“I know it’s a little obvious in the world of Vampire Diaries, where everyone falls in love with Elena, but I agree that Elijah sees something beautiful in her. I would love for him to express that to her before he goes. I feel like Elijah would be most drawn to her because she’s living a better life than people who’ve lived for centuries longer. I think that’s the sort of thing he’s attracted to. Even it was just a moment, I’d love to see them share something — but I think it should be more.”

“I know a lot of fans want Elijah with Katerina, but he’s attracted to who a person is in their soul and Katerina is nowhere near the person Elena is. I think Elijah came to town thinking he’d deal with all this doppelganger business quickly and be done with it. But things got complicated when he saw this girl – I think Elijah fell for Elena harder than he ever fell for Katerina. In my opinion.”

Daniel Gillies on Elijah’s feelings for Elena (x)


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I can&#8217;t stop giggling. 

I can’t stop giggling. 

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